Leading the Charge in Sustainable Business Practices

As the energy demands of the world’s population increase, environmental groups around the world are pressing governments and businesses to consider more sustainable business practices. With 80% of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States resulting from the production of energy, and corporations accounting for 50% of that energy consumption; is leading the change to get corporations on board the green energy train by providing web hosting services that are powered by 100% green energy sources.

HostPapa was one of the first web hosting companies to make a commitment to going green. HostPapa’s entire operation draws power from traditional energy sources, but at the end of each month the company’s energy consumption is tallied up by outside evaluators. When the amount of energy is added up, HostPapa pays for green energy providers to pump an equal amount of energy back into the power grid from solar and wind powered sources. This means that in essence’s data centers, computers, laptops, offices, and web servers have a neutral effect on the environment. offers a wide array of web hosting services suitable for any sized company, big or small. Customers have a choice of three convenient payment plans that are easily affordable for even the smallest home-based business. For those hesitant to make a major commitment upfront, HostPapa provides a plan for $6.95/month with a one year commitment. Customers can also sign up for two years and pay $5.95/month or commit to for three years and pay $4.95/month. Every customer that turns to HostPapa will receive the following features:

- Unlimited Disk Space
- Unlimited Domain Names on one account
- 1 Free Domain Name for Life
- Unlimited Bandwidth
- Personal Website Tools
- FREE Setup! A savings of $29.95!
- FREE Soho-launch site builder software
- 30-day money-back guarantee.

Although has grown exponentially in recent years, the company remains committed to treating each customer like a member of the family by providing excellent support and customer service. HostPapa members can count on the company delivering the best in technical services and support including:

- Phone & Live Chat Support
- 24/7 E-mail Support
- Video Tutorials & Online Help
- 99.9% Up-time Guarantee
- 99.9% Network Up-time Guarantee.

As HostPapa has grown, the number of exclusive features available to customers has increased. The low prices for HostPapa’s services does not mean a drop in service as customers will find the following exclusive features available for their very own website:

- Unlimited email accounts
- Web-mail
- Control panel
- Online Billing
- Easy Setup
- Fantastic
- Site Builder
- B2Evolution blog software.

Best of all, HostPapa’s green energy approach not only helps businesses contribute to a cleaner environment for future generations; it also promotes local economic growth. The majority of green power is provided by smaller, local producers and’s approach helps to stimulate and encourage the growth of these industries located in smaller communities.

In the end’s commitment to providing top notch web hosting service to businesses big and small, while at the same time eliminating or neutralizing its impact on the environment makes it a leader in green business solutions. HostPapa understands its impact on the environment and sought out an effective way to not only lessen its own environmental footprint but that of other businesses as well. This kind of commitment to providing a healthy, sustainable energy base to corporations has earned HostPapa the distinction of being one of the top green energy web hosting companies around today.

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