Go Green with Bluehost

As people around the world become more and more aware of the impact they are having on their host planet, more efforts are being taken to preserve natural resources and protect the planet for use by future generations. The world faces many ecological problems that were centuries in the making, and while it may seem like a solution is decades away at best, there is always something that can be done. Cutting down on electricity usage and office waste is one of the biggest steps individuals and businesses can undertake in their effort to lessen their impact on our world. In an effort to help businesses do just that, was developed to provide alternative web-building and hosting services. began operating in 1996 with the expressed goal of providing reliable and affordable web hosting services and solutions to businesses and individuals. The company has a long standing history of striving to stay technologically current and offering their customers all the best options, without dumping the extra costs involved onto their customers.

Based in the state of Utah, is not only dedicated to providing its customers with a quality service, but is also prepared to stand behind that service with a devoted staff. All of the company’s staff is located on site at their offices in Utah and they boast an impressive wait time that averages just 30 seconds. Bluehost knows the value of happy customers and strives to ensure that all their customers are happy with the services they are receiving.

Businesses large and small have expanded their services to the internet over the past decade in an attempt to reach an ever larger audience. As more and more companies seek out web hosting services to help them manage their webpage, several companies have stepped forward to answer the call and provide quality web-based services to all. offers businesses a wide array of professional services, all at an affordable price. For just $6.95/month, customers can have a website up and running in a snap and enjoy some of the following services:

- Unlimited Disk Storage – Unlimited Domain Hosting – Free Drag and Drop Site Builder – Free Domain Name – POP3/POP3 Secure E-mail Support – Spam Assassin Protection has made a name for itself with millions of customers by providing not only reliable and safe services, but affordable services as well. A devotion to remaining on the cutting edge of technological innovation allows to provide their customers with the best possible service at all times. The company not only has a 50,000 square foot headquarters, but also two secondary datacenter locations to with UPS power and diesel powered back-up generators to keep customer websites up and running at all times.

Most impressive of all is’s unique True Resource Management system. Unlike other websites, can offer their customers a solid piece of mind that their site will be safe from the actions of other users on the service. Bluehost’s resource management service protects users from the side effects of rogue programs that other users may load that result in sluggishness and crashes across the system. The system allows Bluehost to provide customers with service similar to a VPS (virtual private server), without the added cost and hassle.

Those who are serious about helping their business reach new markets and target a whole new audience would do well to put their trust in With a proven track record and millions of users standing behind them, is ready to help any business establish a professional website to suit its needs. Whether the site is for an individual, small business, or large corporation, has the facilities and people to meet any challenge thrown its way.

*Disclosure* We are not nor do we provide web hosting services directly. We receive compensation from the web hosting companies that we review. is independently owned and operated and our reviews are genuine.